Thursday, 30 June 2011

lest I forget, creating our own life

And so my path I lay out before me, not exactly the yellow brick road sprinkled with aquamarine pixie dust of my mind but still some markers for me, of the nice and inspirational kind, and I have the ruby slippers although expressly forbidden to wear them outside the house unless going to a fancy dress party.  Am thinking I could wear them out late at night and pretend I am going to a fancy dress party. Ha I can indulge my whims at least in the privacy of my own world.

How it should have ended 

And yet this is how it went 

Remember to say no to the insanity 

and always carry a clog, soo soo eighties 

so much better

You can never predict the outcome, the debate raged for so long here: are our allegiances closer to Boston or Berlin  meanwhile the Chinese took over, hard work rewarded . Time to learn Mandarin I think.

just to remember what I used to listen to as a child, my favourite songs about work.  Oh God I was brainwashed by my mother, must use the same tactics on my own dear ones.  Thanks Mam.

Happy Tuesday . I am off to reorganize my life wish me good luck and send me happy thoughts. Will watch these inspirational work stuff videos when I need some amusement in my new job. 

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