The Happiness Project

The difference between a happy person and an unhappy one is easy to see.  I wonder how easy it is to become happier.  I have decided to investigate what makes me happy and concentrate my awareness on how to stay well and happy.  I think its time for me to move on to a new phase in my life and I plan to document it here.  The basics of being healthy are exercise and nutrition, that makes people physically well.  But what keeps people mentally well? Well hopefully I will find out.

Back to basics; health and well being  Feb 26th 2012

I recently heard someone say that happiness was subjective wellness.  When I was young I thought that only unintellegent people could be happy as they could not think deeply enough to be unhappy ( I was around 12 at the time).  That was a silly belief then and one I thankfully let go of.

The basics of wellness are good health and good mood.  There is so much literature out there on how to stay well and healthy and yet so many of us ignore it.  At the moment I am working on one thing to improve my wellness and when that one thing becomes a habit I hope to move on to the next one thing.  The one thing that I am doing to make my life happier and improve my wellness is getting up early enough to have breakfast with the children every day and have an easy and pleasant start to the day.  I have been working on that for almost a month now and it last week was the first one where I have breakfast every day and where my younger daughter had it too.  I am still working on the older one but all things come good in time.  The absolute basics eluded me for so long and the simple things like having clean clothes and food in the cupboards seemed a million miles away for months.  But things improved, I got well, and those days are still with me sometimes but are largely gone.  Its not the grand gestures and the amazing times that make a happy life.  For me it is the simple things, a nice cup of tea, lovely clean sheets, the smell of a Sunday roast and the slobbery kiss of the rescued dog.  

Breakfast but not a Tiffany's April 7th 2012

So far the try one thing strategy is paying off.  Its all about breakfast.  Getting up time and having an easy start to the day really does set you up for success.  So much so that ED ( eldest daughter) is starting to see the benefits and is trying to regulate her sleep patterns herself so that she too can get up.  We took the pressure off her around school and she now finds it easier to face the day.  She is being supported by her school in a change of approach to how she is educated.  Part time school; part time home.  The lesson here for me is to keep my life integrated.  What works in one area will often work in another.  If I had to find out why a road was cracking I would investigate the root cause.  It was the same here.  It may be obvious to others but it was not to me.  Happiness is an integrated life for me and finding averageness in all aspects of my life.

twitter theraphy august 5th

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outcome :

 that nothing has good side effects. Just once I'd like to see something that says, "may cause extreme sexiness."

twitter theraphy august 6th

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result : 

A Whole branch thingyy of Grapes! Dats love right dere 

august 7th

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Yeah I Might Be Crazy But I'm Talented As Fuck.

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