What I feel I see-pictures of my feelings

More full moon madness this time with bubbles , such fun

Today I have been mostly feeling tranquility, with a small bit of omg I'll kill those kids & tall ships 
thought I heard a helicopter

Not quite a tree hugger

a question of art

coffee and cake and quotations , perfect start to wonderful day 

A path I laid out for myself 

arrrrg captain

tall ships passing hook 

fecking grass

looks like fun

oh to just sail away and
yes it was so lovely
and warm
and sunny
and shimmery 

The cove

hmmmm where did my path go?


healthy curiosity 


The joy of an unexpected turn in my life, success at resisting the call of temptation

perfect summer evening 

unexpected beauty. pyramidal orchid

glad im not a caterpillar, a flock of starlings

I feel admiration for the perseverance, you should see all the other nails
A real thumbnail

I feel wonderment and contentment
Don't worry be happy

so many delphiniums, so little time


just wanted to roll around in these

But can't as they are on the side of the N25:-(

Call me Ishmeal

Why I moved here , my first view of the hills was when they were coverd in snow,
 my mother had never seem snow on hills before
probably a good complaint after the last two winters here

Full moon madness