Sunday, 19 June 2011

Power ; sinnerwoman no more

Resisting temptation is easy when you want to.  Creating an environment for yourself so that you can easily resist is necessary when things are good and the bad days seem a long way off.  The day of weakness arrives to us all no matter how strong we think we are.  My week of weakness was last week.  I felt like a victim of the dalacks; resistance is futile, so I started down the slippery slope.  I started to indulge the urge.  But I had anticipated this and set myself out markers to remind myself that I would at some point in the future feel weak and unable to fully resist.  No longer a trail of breadcrumbs for me to follow that might be eaten by the crows but a lovey path of stepping stones through the quagmire of temptation.  Now I need to build me a large elevated walk way with handrails so that when I find a wobbly stepping stone I am not tempted to slip off into the lovely nothingness of mud.

Happy Sunday
Create your environment to make your life easy.  Remember to do things that benefit your long term happiness, instant gratification is just that; instant, and like cheap instant coffee not worth the bitter aftertaste of self disgust.

Yeah me , resistance was not futile but very beneficial. 

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