Tuesday, 28 June 2011

zen and the art of rock balancing

Just as my life is at present a quest to find my equilibrium, so too is the art of rock balancing.  I got hooked on a recent trip to Sherkin Island.  While waiting for the ferry I came across a pile of rocks balanced on the strand and have been doing a few small mounds when the opportunity arises.  Today the urge was hard to resist, blue shies, warm sun and who knows when we will get that again.  Tomorrow my life might be different again so I will live today as if it is my last day of freedom.  Please play the black beauty vid while looking at these to feel the full effect of the sense of freedom I gained yesterday. 

the feel good factor

 Alternatively if your mood is less than happy perhaps the heron domestic would be more suited.  Herons really are the most cranky creatures, no wonder they are always alone, perhaps I am the reincarnation of a heron ?? ;-)

For the less joyful folk out there

My morning of rock balancing, moth chasing and talking to dogs.  

the strand

and so it begins, the search for the perfect pile of rocks
just before I knocked it over trying to photograph a Burnet moth

please don't fall

lovely shadows rocks still balanced

The art of signage
trying to find the hawk moth that I disturbed while poking in the big rocks for small rocks

found him instead so cute and fluffy 
saw the egret feather and then the lovely lovey moth

I think its a ghost moth

three colours white

dum dum da da da da da da dadum dum 

zenly does it

wish I could focus




not the giants causeway



really camouflaged


so so stripey and yet so circley

pretending to photograph butterflies, to avoid the couple examining the rock balance

ah yes so much less weird than balancing rocks;chasing butterflies 

ah the unexpected joy of those that found it,;what in the name of God is this, someone must have made it 

rock now smiling with joy, after being admired , fame finally 



time to go before someone I know sees me 

Paradise Regained

Fecking raining now, got to go make a quiche.  Ah the joys of poverty , organic lettuce and quiche and chips for lunch with home made lemon curd tarts for desert and balancing rocks for entertainment.  Time to go back to work I suppose so I can afford ready meals and expensive and useless crap again and contribute to the endless consumerism that we call modern life.  I hear the call of Micheal Noonan, get out and spent spend spend.  Now is not the time for a political rant after my zen morning.  

Happy Tuesday. 


  1. Wow,the rock balancing is amazing! I must go and do some of that. Love the moth and butterflies too.

  2. thank you , wish it was still that sunny :-)