Thursday, 3 July 2014

demented mammy writes again

I was reminded today of many things that frustrate me.  Of the corruption we all turn a blind eye to, of the inequality and injustices of the world.  This frustration arose from a series of events which show me glimpses into the world I grew up in.  A country run by the Church the gaa and finnna fail.  The world moves on and power shifts however as they say same different clowns same circus.     I suppose its all part of the process of recovery to face up to the reality of the world.  that haves and have nots .  I now wonder about the essential nature of morals.  raised with catholic morals has left a significant residual need for me to be good and do good. is this something that is fundamental to my nature of something I have learned.  I have been puzzling over this all week.  My life is going through some changes at the movement.  I am moving into a new phase and not even sure what it is.

I wonder again who i am , since I last posted here I have done some fun things explored life and learned about how to stay well.  there is so much that I need to ignore and let go to keep going.  not quite a case of burying them under the carpet but just putting them carefully into awy to examine another day .  I am off to  design my latest body painting creation for my forthcomming painting of my favourite model for the world naked bike ride in cork .  very tempted to cycle this year to demonstrate my desire for freedom but I think its a bit too cold!