Saturday, 8 June 2013

a new journey beings

I spent since 17th November 2010 trying to get well and recover from depression.  In that time I made new friends, saw new perspectives on life, found many new interests and now it is time for me to being a new journey.  I am a new Jane and decided that I am well.  I have thought that many times however the evidence I have now is that I trust myself.  I realized that I have been given the message over the course of my life not to trust my instincts and that was the wrong message.  I have been given the message that I was too sensitive that I was too this that and the other.  But how can I be too myself.

So now that I am myself again and ready for the next phase of life where am I going and who am I bringing with me.  I reached a cross roads this week.  I do made a decision to take a complete break from all projects and things that do not contribute to my well being.

The first thing I am doing it cleaning out the house.  I think it is time to fully accept that I am enough as I am.
So i am off to do the fun stuff and even cleaning the house is fun if you put on the right mood music.   the music of my happy childhood that I forgot all about during my unhappy 20s and 30s.  I am glad my 40s are happy times again.