Wednesday, 30 November 2011

november photo scavanger hunt

Thanks again to Kathy for hosting the wonderful photo scavenger hunt. This months challenge was to find the list below. I did not complete the entire list this month, but as the ad says every little helps.  Might get time to update another time.

  • a lucky charm
  • a poppy
  • a self-portrait eeeek!!!!
  • comfort food
  • memorial
  • polka dots
  • silhouette
  • something purple
  • something that lights up
  • something you have made
  • staircase
  • warmth

A lucky find: a lucky charm

A Self Portrait

crow outside my office window in silhouette

The lights of Abbeyside reflected in the pond, the harbour lights up at night. 

The staircase I walk up to work( when the lift is broken!)

something that lights up

something else that lights up and creates a silhouette

I decided to give myself an extension of time on the photo hunt as I like to find the pictures unexpectedly.  I noticed this one as I was leaving work yesterday.  In fact almost all of this months photos are work related.  Views of where I work and views from my window.

Comfort food: Peppermint tea and colouring pencils, although strictly not food the tea is a great comfort in stressful moments at work.  And the colouring pencils are food for the soul.  Doing lots of colouring in at the moment.  

Something I made: my favourite drawing I ever did, over 20 years ago, oil bars on paper.  It was great fun to do.  I just realised I took a photo of it as I was photographing paintings that a few people I know had at a local exhibition.  Maybe time to start drawing again. 


  1. What a fantastic photo of the lights of the harbour reflected in the water. I love it!

  2. I love the one of the lights reflected in the harbour. And your favourite drawing is very special - you are obviously very talented.