Sunday, 6 November 2011

musical moods & the joys of beige

So much of our moods are created by our environment and our environment is created by our moods.  I am currently working on a restructuring project in my job and I had the realisation of how interlinked and iterative life is.  In the past I tried to separate out things and compartmentalise them.  Since I have learned to link things and allow all the parts of my life to flow together my life has improved immeasurably.  I like to love consciously and remember how much music helped my recovery.  

I had to do an exercise for my therapy and my counsellor told me to put on music while doing it.  I had no clue as to what to listen to.  I thought I did not like music.  As my counselling was alot of inner child work, I decided to find my favourite music from childhood.  This opened up lots of happy memories for me.  It was only then that I realised how much I love music.  I learned piano as a teenager, I played tin whistle as a child and have a life long ambition to play uillean pipes, which I will realise one day in the future.  A few weeks ago I hear some Debussy on the radio and took to listening to him.  I have always been attracted to the more pointy and definite music of Bach but recently I have learned to enjoy the beautifully overlapping tones in the music of Debussy.  It is beautifully layered and a beautiful accompaniment to patchwork and sewing.  I have finally started work on my patchwork covers for the sofa.  Most of my furniture is cast off from my family.  My brother gave me a sofa which I never felt that comfortable on until I realise it was the wrong colour and too high.  So I sawed a few inches off the legs, not very well but average enough, and now I am making a lovely study in beige patchwork to cover it.  Beige is a colour I looked down on for so long.  Being a very black and white person with few shade of grey in my opinions in the past beige was not a colour I appreciated, like the music of Debussy it is subtly beautiful and so easy on the eye.  It creates a sense of harmony in any room and is a great backdrop to the more lurid colours I love.  

Maybe this is a metaphor for life, in order to enjoy the extremes there needs to be an underlying sense of calm, black stone cherry and cerise with a back drop of Debussy and beige.  


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  2. thanks for the visit and glad you enjoyed it