Friday, 18 November 2011

Crazy on the outside - Warning

Lots of people have crazy thoughts, which they deny or hide.  Many are just passing ideas like my tidal/wave/wind  powered desalination plant to supply water to the capital city and save our rivers, others are secret and dangerous ones which thankfully most people don't act on like murdering your wife and disposing of her body in a bath of acid.  Looking crazy on the outside does not mean that we are crazy on the inside.  For years I lived with serious anxiety, and fixed beliefs that did me no favours.  Now that I am well I don't feel the need to seem sane on the outside.  So many people look so normal and well adjusted but behind the facade they are seething with fear, depression, anxiety, and worse.

So maybe its OK for me to look a little crazy on the outside.  

Warning: The cerise pink ugg boots are just the start, its pink hair next and maybe even a zandra -rhodes-like kaleidoscopic of colour.  

She was my favourite designer as a child, my parents worried that I would go to art college and dye my hair pink.  But being crazy on the inside I conformed and studied engineering and got a proper job.  So now perhaps its time to go a little crazy on the outside just introduce a little balance.  

So today why not practise a little for your crazy old age and live as if not one is watching. 

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