Saturday, 26 November 2011

false spring - real hope

At present the magnolia tree in my neighbors garden is coming into bud.  This is in stark contrast to this time last year which was the beginning of the most severe winter in decades and I do not remember it at all.  I was deep in the throws of a meltdown, burn out, nervous breakdown, major depressive incident, adjustment reaction, call it what ever you want but I was emotionally no longer able to cope with the demands of my life.
As I looked at the buds all full of hope and I realised the trees are just responding to triggers, mostly temperature.  I wondered if they will they use up all their energy coming into bud too soon and if they will bud again in a less energetic way in the real spring.  I chose to move here as spring arrives in Feburary two months earlier than it did up north.  I love being outdoors and although it stays bright for about another hour in the summer it did not compensate for the long winter and short summer hence the move.  Somewhere in the winding post there is a point.

The point is we all respond to triggers, things that cause us to behave in a particular way, some are genetic some are learned and some are developed.

So why not watch out for your triggers, awareness is a start.

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