Sunday, 27 November 2011

paradise almost found

I decided to close my first blog, cherryblossominbloom as I had largely recovered from the worst of the adjustment reaction.  I believe that a name is very important as it conveys so much about a thing.  Our own names are not a reflection of ourselves and our views but those of our parents or the people who name us.  My eldest daughter recently changed how she spells her name and I was called by my Irish name sinead for years in school, in fact there is a chap who used to call me Liz much to the confusion of everyone at the time.  Paradise almost found is a name that represented so much for me.  In my quality world I would live in a paradise like place, with lush plants surrounded by nature, lakes and the sea; full of colour and happiness.  I cant have it all but I can have a lot of it, I can have the happiness, the color nature (but not so much of the tropical stuff).  OK so I will not be living in a mansion with 5 swimming pools but I can create a better environment for myself with a little effort.  I realised that the place where I dont have to worry was within myself.  If we are OK in ourselves it is as close to paradise as a human can get.  

My life is far from perfect, but it is authentic, I am myself, I have learned to expressed my self and my feelings; for me that it the closest thing to paradise I can imagine.  The freedom to be as I am and to grow and develop as I decide myself, free for the voices of my past and filled with hope for the future. 

So today consider: I were really free to choose your life, would it be the one you are living, and if not what can you do about it.   Are you following your passions in life and if so well done.

Happy Sunday, I am off to do some housework not because I must but because I choose to.  

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