Tuesday, 29 November 2011

smells like deer's ass-apologies to those easily offended for the use of the word ass.

Did you know that the body shop's white musk perfume smells like deer's a**.  Well it does apparently, to a dogs anyway.  To help me stay well  I work with scent a lot as well as colour and sound.  I tried out a perfume I have not used in years; white musk.  My friends dog was very taken with me.  I thought that it might be the smell of rabbit as I had spent a happy half hour with the rabbit on my lap, or perhaps I smelled of the dog, my x was over with her, but no I was told I smelled of deer's a**.  The dogs mammy is a qualified aromatherapist and musk is meant to replicate the smell of deer's a**.  

There is a point to this rameishing as always.  I used to ware this scent as a teenager.  Dogs used to follow me a lot, and I mean a lot.  My dad told me it was because they smelled the fear.  Once I actually had to hide in a phone box to escape, actually I had to ring my dad to rescue me, but that's another story.  But it was not just fear that they smelled but fear AND deer's a**.  

And here is the point: I lived for years believing that dogs could smell fear which only served to heighten my anxiety.  I ended up totally petrified of dogs until very recently and now I am free of that fear.  There was another answer to why the dogs followed me: they were attracted to my perfume.  I jumped to the conclusion that my father was right and now I know better.  This is like many trans-generational beliefs and behaviors, some are good some less so, and we need to let go of the ones that do not serve us well.

So today think about what is it that you believe to be true? Which of your deep down fears are you feeding with the wrong information.

Having an open mind and having self awareness and awareness of your environment and feelings helps you to stay well and thrive.  And thriving is my new goal.

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