Friday, 9 March 2012

why cant i blame someone else for a change

I am hopping angry at the moment.  In one of those mood where I just want to tell everyone to f off and leave me alone, one of those moods where I want someone else to blame for everything.  I am in what I call a running away mood.  We all get them I am told.  The rescued dog has decided to play ball with the fruit and veg, yesterday it was oranges, that was ok now it is onions.  Its hard to reason with a dog the oranges well that ok but onions its not.  I have a daughter whos dog it is who wont go to school, is it illness, is it bullying, is it just plane cant be bothered, is it just pushing the boundaries???????????  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

My therapist practices reality therapy where we are responsible for everything in our own lives.  Just today I would like to blame someone for things, just this once.  Yes I had my daughter, I chose that, yes I let her keep the dog, I choose that, yes I work , I choose that.  But why cant I choose to just say hey world just today can I please blame you.    I think its time to walk off my anger and stop directing it inwards.  Maybe I need to rage a little for a while.  Maybe this is what I need to work on, not forgiveness but on anger and what is behind it. Mybe its time to form a punk band for angry mammies, we could call it grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.   Imagine a bunch of angry middle aged mammies jumping around (support bras permitting of course) yelling and screaming: my boss is making life so tough, my daughter stays in bed now that is rough, I havent been out  in almost an month I want to call everyone a silly ....., hmmmm. So instead I will do as I always do go for a walk, go for a swim, go back to work and prepare for my next project, have another cup of tea and offer it up as my great aunt would say and just keep on plodding along, put daughter under house arrest, book her another therapy appointment and take the dog for obedience classes, yes I do know that its me they are training but there you go.

So today remember its ok to be angry its what you do with it that causes problems.  I am off to take the onions off the dog before the house smells of dog poo, teenagers  and onions, not a good combination, I am also going to use the energy of my anger for good.  Time to do a big spring clean and work it all off.


  1. I'm lucky only to have a wandering cat to contend with... and three other furry fiends!

    1. thats alot of furry creatures jams, but what about tim