Saturday, 24 March 2012

just like that

Totally fabulous spring weather today.  For the last few weeks I have been reading lots of things about the use of medication in treating anxiety and depression.  For a long time I had a belief that I should be able to get better without the use of medication but yesterday as I finally realised that it was time to put that belief in the past.  The debate seems to be all about about addiction, it is about those doctors that just prescribe medication and not talking therapy and all the other things that are needed to keep a person well.  Needing to take antidepressants is not a character flaw my doctor says, my counsellor has come around to the idea that they are useful in the short term.  But what do I think.  Well for a few months I felt inadequate that I needed a crutch, that I am one of the people that they joke about, "go take your tablets you'll be ok" But I realised that I think I like feeling well.  I think that it does not matter why I am well it matters that I am.  Lots of things helped me get well and it is those that will keep me well.  I read a wonderful passage today about dealing with trivialities of life and our primarily value needs to be having a peaceful life for those of us sensitive anxious types a peaceful life is what is definitely needed.  So now I have some lovely music playing, some aromatherapy oils burning and a list of jobs to do to make my life peaceful.

Job one Train the dog not to bark so much .
Job 2 Clean the BBQ and burn some meat tonight

And just like that it is spring.


  1. A suggestion for the dog barking...take a dozen small coins and put them into a washed out, discarded soda can. Tape the hole shut with electrical tape or duct tape or something sturdy. When the dog barks shake the can at it. And be violent about it! I've even been known to throw the can at the dog so it lands just short of hitting the dog. A strong verbal correction of "no" right after the can stops shaking will send the message. The noise seems to startle them and stops the behavior. We've trained many dogs that way and they've actually gotten to the point that all you need to do is pick up the can - and when they see it in your hand, they'll stop. We had one that would respond to us asking him if he wanted the can. Silence. Barring all that, there are some wonderful anti bark collars out there that spritz a little lemon scent from a device that rides on the collar and sits under the chin. The spray startles them and they don't like the smell of lemon. It's humane and works verryy well! Good luck with that one! You're on your own with the steak! LOL Yummmmmm! Hugs, Annette

  2. thanks annette, hopefully will have a bark free dog in time :-)