Thursday, 1 March 2012

just one thing

I was asked today what one thing helped me get better and just now it occurred to me that it was realiseing that I could get better.   I had lots of limiting beliefs that I relinquished and I relapsed them with positive ones.  Believing that you will get better, that it is possible might seem a step too far when you are in the depths of despair.  I was fortunate to hear a woman speak about her stuff on morning tv and she inspired me to believe that I would recover.  Now I feel better than ever and I believe that by working on my ongoing wellness I will continue to improve.  So again, my teenage daughter is running me ragged, my youngest one is starting to follow suit and I realised this time its not stress its strain.  It is a strain to keep patient, to just keep going.  So its time to tap back into the belief that not only will things improve, its an opportunity for me to grow further.  Go back to basics and keep doing the things that work.  The just on thing I am working on at the moment is having breakfast every day.  So far I am succeeding.  It is important to acknowledge the small things as well as the big.    Sometimes its the little things that make the great things possible.

Happy St. Davids Day, a bit of Tom Jones to celebrate the day that's in it, iechyd da.
So today what is the one thing that you can do for you on a daily basis that will make your life happier and easier.

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