Wednesday, 28 March 2012

stop and listen

When I get stressed or overwhelmed my memory fails me, I become confused, I cannot think straight, I cannot put things in order and I generally start to make mistakes and do the wrong thing.  Over the last few weeks I have been feeling the strain of full time work and parenting alone.  I did the usual put one foot in front of the other but today those feet had had enough. I could not remember where my keys were.  My mind started to shut down and the mini meltdown happened.  

I am not getting my needed amount of peace and quiet.  I know that I need order and peace to fully recharge.  Memory is a funny thing.  I believed mine to be excellent and I have been proved wrong as it has failed me.  I need to do the real basics again.  Exercise, financial budgeting, good nutrition, fun, relaxation, avoid alcohol,  avoid late nights, get plenty of rest.  I need to be firm with people about my boundaries and expectations.  I need to be firm with myself about doing things that are in my best interest.  Most importantly I need to remember life is not a race, there is the time and space for me to do all the things I need to do.  Some times I just need to say STOP.  

It is time for me to take a little break and gather myself.  I need to take the time to stop and listen to what my body is saying to me.  Sometimes we all just need to say STOP.   So I did I stopped and now I am off to meditate to clear my foggy head and quieten my overactive mind. 

So stop and listen to yourself today and enjoy the lovely spring weather.


  1. Good counsel. I started my day (early at 5AM) with a short meditation. Now I'm scoring those pesky internet tests for the next 8 and a half hours. They never seem to end, but I do need the cash! Have a wonderful day and smell the flowers.

    1. That's funny, my TOEFL test respondants today are responding to a lecture on "Short Term Memory"!

    2. hi vicki, the universe smiles on the coincidence, meditation is something I am neglecting, so we went off to the beach and I just sat on the sand and watched the waves,while my daughter attempted to swim although we are having a mini heatwave the water is still quite cold brrrrrr
      pity we need cash , would be lovely to be independently wealthy