Sunday, 4 March 2012

perfect day

There are days that are perfect.  I had one like the one in the song many years ago and today it is similar.

Today I realised that I have finally given myself permission to be myself.  We can all create our perfect day.  I work on being average but a little perfection does not go astray once in a while.  It was one of those domesticated weekends, nothing special to do, just cooking dinner, cleaning, drying loads of sheets and towels on the washing line in the beautiful spring weather, feeling well, coping well and generally not pushing myself or lazing around too much.  In all a weekend where I unwound and enjoyed just one perfect day. 

So today remember to enjoy those moments like this and on those less than perfect days remember that time passes and there are always more perfect moments to look forward to.  Nothing like the smell of fresh air dried sheets to get into at night.  That is the perfect moment I look forward to today. 
Happy Sunday 

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