Thursday, 1 March 2012

feburary photo scavanger hunt


black and white

crowded with daffs, but morbidly enough its a famine grave and there is no way of knowing how many people ended up there

not quite cupid but I bet he wishes he was

empty carpark, empty offices, empty wallets

gave up trying to find leap, so on 29th I was having well deserved tea and yummy cake and thought ah ha food and leap

love: I love my blankie, I love wool, I love getting into bed after a long day and snuggling up 

Music: At the age of 13 I played 3 blind mice on the bells of shandon , such fun 

Heritage: Shandon steeple Cork

was trying to photograph the geese as they were grazing when some more flew over

train: am really pushing it here, took this from the track(where the train used to go)

Thank you once again to Kathy for hosting this.  Its nice to be aware of our surroundings and nice to see all the other lovely interpretations of the themes.

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  1. Nice pics.Good to see the "Four Faced Liar!"

  2. thanks jams , the faces I could see where as always not telling the same time, much like the clocks in my house, must be a cork thing!

  3. nice photos :-) love that woollie one and the daffs x

    1. thanks , its great to look at everyones interperation of the list, giving myself more time to do it next month :-)