Saturday, 1 October 2011

another view- no more fluffy kittnes today- i have to rant

While listening to the radio this morning I heard that one of our presidential candidates music would not be played while the election was going on.  So I decided to find some stuff that I think sums up each candidate for me and upload it here and on my facebook.  I would love to have a lengthy political rant but this blog is not about my political views it is about finding ways to be well and create n easy life for myself and my family.  so instead I will express myself though video clips which sun up each one for me.  Hopefully this will help quell my desire to deface some of the candidates posters:-) So soon I can go back to thinking about lovely things like walking the bunny, replanting the window boxes and doing a nice clay project with the children to night while sitting in a lovely tidy hose with some nice cookies to snack on in front of a lovley warm fire.

If there was no war would we have needed the peace process he is so proud of ?

Another Derry person was doing this instead.

i love the michaels , yeah mario

I love this but cannot reconcile this with so much of his other views , wish I could understand why he belives consent is more important than age, while being so enlightened in other ways. 

and yet .......

and again entertaininment......used to love this during the popes visit 

and the grey man in the blue shirt............

who cannot comprehend violence, pity I am not more right wing 

Sovereignty erosion V special Olympics

I love sean on dragons den , a self admitted spa and culchie , but only just jumped off the sinking fianna fail ship , pity i am not more right wing I might give him one of my transfers

would be nice to have a real culchie in the arus , pity i am not more right wing

and let me finish with this one :

Not only do I love poetry, I love freedom, clarity, consistency and Michael Ds lovely gentle voice and gentle personality.  Consummate politician, and sooo huggable.  

I love blogging when cranky, the challenge is to get to the point where thinking in ink makes me happy, so I am off to think of a lovely president who is a cute as a teddy bear and not one who belives that it was ever justifiable to kill people, I can leave the house without my spray paint in the hope that others share my views of a happy life for all citizens.  

So off you go today and examine the stuff that makes your blood boil and ask yourself what makes me calm instead.  I can take another view, I can shoose what information I expose myself to.  I create my own reality and mine is one filled with poetry and love.  What is your ideal one?   

Happy Saturday 

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