Friday, 30 September 2011

September scavenger hunt
Postcards for the pp is a wonderful blog and a lovely idea to keep you occupied all month while you take your photos.

This month I decided to look at the photo scavenger hunt list and then not look at it again until the end of the month.  I love to take photos and I also am very interested in how the subconscious works.  In the olden days I would frequently wake up at 6 am with the solution to a problem I could not figure out during the preceding week.  Most of the pictures I uploaded here were as a result of that process except for the first three.  My favourite one of the process is the bowl of fruit.  I felt compelled to take it and just went with the feeling.  Imagine my surprise when I today I saw apples on the list.  Awesome.  So I am now going to use this to my advantage  planting seeds in the subconscious of myself and others but first I need to figure out what flowers I want to grow.  Happy Friday and I hope you like my subconscious photo scavenger hunt. 




 The glow of bright lights are the flood lights
from the local GAA pitch

This lovely creation was made for our bunny to relax in, I was relaxing on my lovely pink lilo.

I was heading out for a morning stroll before work and
saw the piles of earth  as I returned home from the strand.
The track is being widened to accommodate a cycle track.

This is the welcome to Dungarvan sign
on the way into town.
Some old signs  advertising a sewage scheme were
cleverly reused to make this very lovely welcome sign,.

Ah the joys of being 6: snail  harvest

at last the joys of back to school, home economics day

my workspace , view form the eagals nest


something taller than me

something else taller than me


  1. thanks jams, love your nephew photos too

  2. Well, I looked at the September list at the end of August and never looked at it again...NOT EVEN ONCE! SO I'll have to take a pass this month. But I love your "take" on the subject matters. Your photography is the view from your office...the perspective with the view through the lower window too is intriguing to my eye. And the chocolate goodies made me want to run to the kitchen! The jet trail "taller than you"...LOVE that! And I really like your piles! Very cool interpretations! Thanks for your comment on my snowman creation! Have a good month! I need to check out next month's list for the Scavenger Hunt...and this time, I need to do something with it! xo Annette

  3. hi there annette, thanks for your kind comments, the scavenger hunt is fun and keeps the mind occupied, much like crochet :-) my other love in life

  4. What a good idea trying out a subconscious hunt! You took some great photos for it, I especially like the snail harvest!

  5. I know it is a few Km down the road on the Cork side of the border but looking at the Dungarvan sign made me think of our family camping holidays in Ardmore.

    Up to the age of 15 I used to spend my summers at mum mum's home village, Millstreet. When dad got off work we used to head off to Ardmore or sometimes Youghal to camp

  6. Great photos! The fruit bowl is wonderful as is the road sign and the snail harvest. Love the sky in your workspace photo:)

  7. Louise and Rosie the snail harvests although gross was the pride and joy of my dauthers friend , they may still be in that box !!!!!

    thanks for the comments jams, I put up pics of ardmore in last months photo hunt, we spent every morning there for two weeks in august at the swimming classes for the kids in the summer , its lovely as ever , even has a 5 star hotel; cliff house hotel, with even a michlen star chef, a significant step up from camping for Ardmore:-)youghal is just not the same without perks and the merries

  8. Ah the merries! now that is an expression I haven't heard in years!