Saturday, 8 October 2011

take this waltz

This morning I was getting the familiar feeling of fluffiness and confusion that follows or precedes a difficult time.  I am learning to be aware of myself and my environment and this seems to be what I need to work on right now.  This song has been roaming around in my head for days, I have also been noticing  lots of very very old people, probably as there was a bowling green opened at the park and it seems to be a place where lots of older people go.  I have been thinking about the fact that one day I will be old.

Take this waltz

My granny used to talk about getting old alot, it usually was preceded by , when I am old I will.....
Thing is she was 96 when she said to me one day: I am thinking I might be getting old now.  For her old age was something way off in the future right up util she was in fact extremely old.  and then I logged in to check emails, blogs etc and found a wonderful post by annette on her blog about :   What will matter

It summed up what I had been thinking about.  My daughter is having her own teenage existential crisis and has been asking all the why are we here questions.  My conclusion on my own crisis is that we are here now, why we are here I don't know and will never be able to work that out, but while I am here I might as well take the waltz and enjoy it, instead of dreaming endlessly of the perfect tango.


  1. Jane, I don't know if I'd say that I'm a terribly religious person as I have a bit of an issue with organized religion, but I AM spiritual and I very definitely believe! And I believe that God speaks to each of us via oh so many mediums. And when we need His wisdom, He offers it. It is NO coincidence that you and I both came upon those wonderful words this morning. I needed them too! And I knew when I saw them that I needed to share them. I'm soooo glad you enjoyed them. And I'm glad I've found your blog (or you found me...or however it went). =) Hugs to you. Annette

  2. hugs to you too annette, I shared it on my facebook too as it is so beautiful