Wednesday, 5 October 2011

october scavanger hunt-golden moments

Decided to load up a few photos for the next scavenger hunt as I had a quite moment while the children are baking and the homework done before I got home.   

Golden: I was just driving to work after dropping the kids and decided to go down around the harbour to look at the boats on the way.  I was amazed to see this wonderful golden glow over the water.  I just had to stop to take a picture.  

a river: almost unseen the river is nestling in grass in Annestown.  

I am cheating a little here as I found this in September but I love it so much I thought I would post it just in case I did not get back to take a photo in October.  I was starting to depress so I decided to go for a walk.  I brought my camera but I really did not notice anything to photograph.  I decided to just walk out to the end of the beach as I saw a guillemot drying his wings and I wanted to see what it was like there.  The tide was incredibly low and so I traipsed through the mud and then I spotted the graffiti, you just gotta love it.  :-)

fog/mist: All along the copper coast the mist was think and the countryside was so grey, ewwwww. 

sunset: The only fine evening in about two weeks I turned about to look at the wagtail on the lighting column and there was the sunset just about to happen.  Lovely. 


  1. Ah such beautiful sights. I wish I had a good view of the sea close at hand.. Close and not across the mudflats of the Thames Estuary that is

  2. Hey jams, the Thames estuary is lovely too if caught at the right time (like everything),I lived in docklands when it was being built up in the early 90s and must admit although I loved the river the open sea is hard to beat