Sunday, 4 September 2011

absolutely no assumptions

Today I had a setback, no matter how hard I tried I just could not shake myself out of my funk.  So when someone rang for a chat and said how are you I told them.  I am having a bit of a hard time today.  Instead of the usual list of advise I got the following comment; Well i heard you were not doing so great today so I just rang to offer you my support.  Wow I was not expecting that.  A lesson for us all there, I assumed I would get a big lecture on how its all my fault that my daughter is going a bit wild again but no, this time I got just what I needed a listening ear and support.  How often do we avoid things because we assume they will turn out in a particular way, how often do we assume that others will be negative when in fact the opposite happens.  Assume nothing.  Be open and learn to listen to others and just as importantly to yourself.

Happy Sunday. So next time you are screening your calls and someone rings and you decide not to answer them , think again, are you assuming something, maybe you can tell them that you are busy or tired or having a bad day and maybe they will surprise you.


  1. you have made me think, I am always making assumptions, so I need to change my long held habits. thank you.

  2. hi Joy,
    We all have limiting beliefs: things we believe to be true but are in fact not as true as we believe. My recovery was largely based on removing my limiting beliefs one by one, thereby making life easier. Hope you have a nice week.