Wednesday, 7 September 2011

what next again

I am having a real what next moment.  I returned to work and happily settled into my new job only in time to hear that there will be a reshuffle,  we will know on Friday what that means.  One of the few certainties in life is that there will always be change.  I love to read the tarot and the cards are divided between major and minor arcana.  Major arcana represent outside forces, things over which we have no control, and the minor arcana are like the ordinary playing cards with court cards and numbered cards.  Theses represent people or stages of our journey along a particular path.  It is so like the serenity prayer.  My mother has that on her mantle piece much to my fathers horror.  It was a gift from a religious friend of hers but for my father he thought that it would make people think we were alcoholics, it being a prayer of alcoholics anonymous, no idea why he thought that as nothing could be further from the truth.  

God grant me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change;
 courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

There are things we can control in our lives; we have control over our own thoughts, our reactions, our attitudes, how we behave so many many things.  We are responsible for ourselves.  But there are also outside forces and things we cannot control, the economy, our families, friends, other people, the weather, again a very long list.  The key to well being is to be able to know the difference.    

I am currently dealing with many things outside of my control, my job, my teenage daughter being thte two most demanding ones.  But I can control myself and keep a positive attitude, accept the things I cannot change, and work on the things I can.  I heard an ad on the radio yesterday about better business making a 1% improvement in everything you do rather than aiming for 100% in one thing.  For me it is like the "be average" concept in Recovery Inc.  For me sometimes it is all or nothing, the best or the worst.  Instead I now strive to be average.  How would an average person do this I often ask myself and all becomes clear.  Life as an average Jane is so much better than trying to be the best Jane ever.  By making choices that support my well being and by making small incremental changes life is getting easier.  I have survived the last few what nexts, watershed moments in my life.  But those moments can be a molehill of a mountain depending on attitude.  

So I will practice being average, making the 1% improvements needed to reach my goal which is quite a large one, getting the children and myself into a pleasant morning and evening routine, one that leave us all with time to enjoy life and not enjoy being a loving family.  High notions like the goats in Kerry as my granny would say but it is such a simple thing that so far has eluded me.  
perhaps I need to approach this in the same way as I would a project.  One of the many things I learned over the last year was to use the skills I have in one area of my life in other areas of my life.  

So I am off to think of all the things that go into making any successful project, its time for me to use my determination and patience and planning skills to bring that project to life.  Earlier today I was thinking about writing about the concept of erotic capital that I came across in the weekends paper.  Isnt it amazing how thinking in ink helps so much.  

Happy Wednesday 

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