Tuesday, 20 September 2011

sparkley autumn

When you are open to things you see so much.  I have had an ambition for around 20 years to go for a walk before work.  About 20 years ago I discovered that people do that when I was out at around 6 am doing a survey and met some old ladies, (probably around the age i am now), out for a morning walk we got chatting as you do and I discovered that they did an hours walk before work every day.  I always thought how great it would be to be able to get up do nice things and just head out to work as an incidental thing.  We finally I achieved it today.  I am no longer commuting to work and can walk to the office in around 10 minutes.  but even better the 2.5 hours I save can be devoted to me time.  I woke early today and as it was such a beautiful day I decided to go for a walk.  I did not bring my camera so missed taking some beautiful snaps of the fennel, now in seed, glistening with morning dew.  I was concerned that autumn would be the end of my observance of nature but now it seems to have brought out the snails slugs and birds.  The bay is an area of special conservation or something like that because of its bird life.  This morning I watched the oyster catchers fighting and crows paddling in the water eating sea weed.  I saw the rabbits hopping in the morning sun and the smell of the fresh sea air was invigorating,  I could breath again.  Two friends said to me over the last few days that they were giving up on their dreams.  I suppose they are not really, just disheartened by the long wait to achieve them.  I still have dreams, I have so many its unreal.  I have had many dreams since I was a child of so many lovely things that I would do.  I misplaced my dreams for a while, filed somewhere in the back of my mind but with time and patience they returned and when I achieved one today I remembered that day long ago when I thought I would like to do my morning walk.  It was a day not dissimilar to today.  All fresh misty and green and lovely.  Life without dreams is like rhubarb without custard, fish without chips, ice cream without the cherry on top, still nice but not awesome.

Although non religious, I am a believer in universal consciousness and I love religious music of all types.  Oh yes I belonged to a church choir as a child and loved the Easter ceremonies.  

So off you go today and remember your dreams, if you built it they will come.

Happy Tuesday and happy dreaming. 


  1. I just love your depth! Do you think depth of the soul is cultivated by the hard times we face in life? There's just a wonderful quality about your thoughts you share here that I relate to!

  2. That is such a kind comment and so uplifting for me to get such a lovely comment,

    It is something I never thought about, I suppose when we face hard times it tests us and pushes us to progress to a new consciousness which often makes us more spiritual and understanding of how precious our lives are and how beautiful the world we live in can be. I never thought about my soul until I faced my dark night of the soul. Without our souls we are nothing.