Friday, 2 September 2011





  • a boat
  • a festival or funfair
  • a fountain
  • a picnic
  • a sport
  • bread
  • fabric
  • market
  • mountains
  • something ancient
  • something bizarre
  • street food

   There were alot of changes in my life this month.  My daughter changed schools, I returned to work, I started to socialise again.  The biggest change though, apart from the fact that I have to wear shoes and office appropriate clothes in stead of flipflops, maxi dresses or beach appropriate wear,  has to be that I lost my camera battery charger and could not take any pictures for a couple of weeks.  It brought home to me just how much taking pictures has helped me become well again. A photograph is more than just a facsimile of a particular thing, it is a representation of how we view the world.  My daughter joined me on the scavenger hunt for the last photo of the mountains and helped me take some photos.  It was amazing how different the pictures were even though they were taken at almost the same time and inthe same place.  These are not just photos but snapshots of our lives.   I did have to improvise a little but its more about the fun of finding new things around us and looking for them than getting an exact picture of something. 

  • a boat: I love living by the sea.  The tide was very high the day I took this in an area of the harbour known as the pond. 

  • a festival or funfair: this I had to cheat on a little as I missed all the festivals due to my lack of a fully charged camera.  This is from the tall ships visit in July.

  • a fountain

Could not decide which one of these to put up so put up both.  I left the watermelon out to attract the wasps after a picnic lunch.  I left it there as it attracted so many butterflies which I love.

  • a sport: Loads of sports to choose from here but although I dont sail it is very popular here.  The annual lifting in and out of the boats is a real mark of the beginning and end of good weather.  

Bread: Hmmmmm yes the blob of butter strategically located behind the dog is ment to be there.  Some food art from my youngest one summer morning breakfast. 

  • I was cleaning out the wardrobes getting ready to put away summer clothes and remembered the photo scavenger hunt.  I love the green silk the best but unfortunately teenage daughters dress not mine. 

A bit of a cheat again here street market from july festival.

The Monavollagh mountains above and the ancient settlement of Ardmore below.  Ardmore's round tower is in the distance and it is well worth a visit.  The up close photo of the round tower was taken earlier in the year. 

Carving of Adam and Eve

  • something bizarre: This is in fact the awesomest and weirdest thing I ever saw.  It is a swimsuit spinner. It was in the hotel pool changing room and so handy but never ever saw one before in all my travels.  

  • street food: Elderberries on the side of the road, technically street food. 

   Septembers list from postcards from the pp:

     Back to school
the football/soccer season
what's in your bag?
a pile of things
your desk/workspace
a public telephone box
something taller than you
a road sign
a view from above


  1. Lovely photos. Had to laugh at your bizarre photo of the swimsuit spinner. We have one of those at our YMCA, that was the first time I saw one.

  2. thanks Rene, Every pool and beach should have one no more puddles in the car from wet togs

  3. Oh my...many things to say. Sorry if this is long. First off, my daughter lost my battery charger for me when she borrowed the camera and charger for a vacation. I'm still trying to get that issue resolved. I bought a new doesn't work properly, the company sent me a replacement, blah, blah, blah. But let's just say I was a fish out of water without my charger! I almost had a panic attack when I realized it was lost! Secondly, I love your photos and so agree with what you were saying about different perspectives and how we can all shoot the same thing and get a totally different photo from it! Thirdly, photography is a very therapeutic "sport" / hobby and helps us to find the beauty of the simple things that surround us. And then, lastly...but not least...your DEFINITELY win the prize for most unique image in the "bizarre" category. Who'd have dreamed that handy little device existed? Brilliant! I want one! And you child's bread well as the very well placed butter...still laughing at that one! The mountain photo is moody, serene and beautifully lit! And those elderberries...well, yes...they DO qualify as street food...and will be even more so when they start falling from the tree or are eaten by the birds! (reverting back to the well placed butter) Thanks for sharing and wishes for continued wellness! Annette

  4. hi annette, you are so right about photography finding the beauty in the simple things around, my camera is a real security blanket for me along with my diary and phone. good luck with the charger.

  5. I love the mountains photos and the bread photo was a good one too!

  6. thanks Louise ,it is so lovely to get views of other peoples lives, itsnt the internet wonderful