Sunday, 4 September 2011

no assumptions

After a very trying few weeks and a real feeling of confusion and wondering what was in my subconscious trying to get out I had a realisation: I make too many assumptions.  It was astonishing what it felt like to realise that.  I love the old saying assume makes an ass of u and me.  Then I watched myself for the last few days and decided to notice when I made the assumptions.  Wow was I in for some shock.  I assumed so much.  I thought that I was open but I was so wrong.  Certainly I was fairly open to ideas but now it is like a big giant light being switched on.  Assume nothing.  I had one house rule which went along way to describing how I would like people to behave in my home: Respect.  Now I have a new second rule: No assumptions.  If in doubt, ask for clarification.  I hope it makes my life even easier again.  My goal in life is to make life easy for myself.  That means that all activities take place with the minimum fuss and hassle and in a way that is as enjoyable as possible.  I have even managed to find an easy way to wash the floor with my wonderful new mop/floor cleaning thing.  I has one cloth to wash and one to dry.  Clean floors are finally within my grasp. now to find an easy way of putting away the washing, maybe a robot or perhaps I could get someone to train one of the pets or even, God forbid, I could train the children.  Think I need a train the trainer course on how to do that. 


  1. I love Madame Butterfly! Great clip.

  2. hi vicki, glad you like it is so bitter sweet and in a weird way makes me feel better