Tuesday, 30 August 2011

gratitude for platitudes

One of the things that helped me get well enough to participate in life again was a series of tools by Recovery Inc. I am a great lover of clear simple methods in doing anything.  Sometimes we just need to do what works and not over think it.  Today was one of those days.  I arrived in work and started to feel the anxiety.  It was happening for all sorts of reasons but that did not matter.  I needed to get through it and get my work done.  I needed to get through it just so that I could feel well.  So I remembered my tools, bare the discomfort to gain comfort.  So I started to do the little things that needed to be done.  I felt like I needed to lie down but that is not really am option at work.  So I opened my diary to see if there was anything inspiring there.  Smile, go slowly and BREATH it said, so I did.  I also remembered, do things in part acts so I did, I decided to empty out my emails , do some easy things just to get going and it worked.  Soon the anxiety passed and I was OK again.  All things will pass.  So today was a day of platitudes, they are so wonderful and so useful.  I love sean fochals and piseogs, old sayings and superstitions.  My favourite had to be a corruption of the old saying Nil aoi  tintean na do thintean fein, there is not hearth like your own hearth , basically there is no place like home.  
But this was changed while I was in school to :
Nil aon thoin tine na so thoin tine fein : there is no sore arse like your own sore arse, (pardon the crudity if you are of a delicate disposition).  But isn't it so true we all get so bound up in whats going on in our own heads that sometimes we cant see the wood for the trees.  So I am off to relax and read a little of the platitudes of Dr Low.  His stuff is kinda hard to read but its worth the perseverance.  Today I spotted acorns out onthe lottle oak trees across from where I work.  So many plants are cumming into seed and fruit.  Maybe this autumn will be another season of discovery. heres hoping it is.

So I am off to get the school uniforms ready as the return to school started.  
Happy Tuesday and apologies to all you scholars out there for my appalling irish spelling,.  

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