Monday, 29 August 2011

autumn season of mists and mmmmm

Ah the joys of it had a virus was not getting depressed again.  Wow am I relieved.  Back on track again yippee.  Autumn has always been my favorite season up to now.  Usually I love autumn but as it seemed to arrive so early this year I felt slightly cheated of the rest of the summer I had planned.  Today the smell of autumn was about, ripening blackberries, damp grass, moss, leaves and sea mist.  It was just glorious to smell it.  I started to think about how each season seems to appeal to one of the senses and I think autumn is all about smell, more so than summer.  Spring is about sound, birds singing their ubiquitous call - I want sex- is what I was told they were saying.  That particular phrase disturbed my listening to bird song for a few days until I realised some of them were in fact after mating and then that was just a tad too much info.  Now I happily listen to them going cheep cheep.  For me last winter was all about sight as I started to notice the seasons more and summer was all about taste, fresh fruit and vegetables, salmon, ice-cream and all the lovely summery things, it was also about touch , the feel of the damp grass in the morning, warm breezes on my skin, the touch of the sun, lots of hugs from the children, and the contrast between the warm air and cold sea when swimming.  Winter was all about sight for me as it was last winter that i regained my appreciation for the beauty of the world around me.  
I live in a really beautiful part of the world.  Close to the sea, beneath the hills, in a small town that was settled over a thousand years ago, although it existed for hundreds of years before that.  I was driving home tonight and again was taken by the sharp cold air, and the fresh smell of the sea.  

I started to think of all the things that make me go mmmmmmmmm apart from the obvious ones.  The smell of the sea, walking on warm sand, walking on wet grass walking, lying in the sun, drinking tea in the garden watching the butterflies and talking to the dog, (today's mmmm moment) .   stretching out on the sofa after completing a tiring or boring job,  lying in on a freshly made bed, that lovely moment of silence when everyone is suddenly out of the house and I am alone mmmm, walking up all lovely and warm after a good nights sleep and realising I don't have to go to work or get up mmm mmm mmm, sitting at the strand listening to the birds and the waves, smelling the  first honeysuckle of the year, and all the other lovely flowers, especially roses in the height of summer, Friday nights on the sofa with hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire, finishing a project, and of course the best mmm of them all squished on the sofa by the dog and my daughter, teenage one too old for that now , happiness is a a warm dog and a cup of cocoa, omg am finally middle aged.  Was reminded by my youngest today that Christmas will be soon here and it is time to cozyafie the house for the onset of winter.  Cozy is such a lovely thing, hot water bottles, fires, cocoa, stews, and cuddles mmm. 

So off you go and make your own list of things that make you go mmmm.  

Happy Monday . 


  1. This IS a splendid season of the year. Being present in the moment is truly a wonderful place to be. We see what is. Wow.

  2. thanks vicki, wish I could always stay in the moment, love your blog btw