Thursday, 2 August 2012

like water like oil

We often hear the expression;water will find its own level.  In the case of water it wants to be as low as possible and perfectly flat and level; totally in balance with all the other drops of water around it.  Certain things are water soluble and certain things are not.   Oil will mix with it but not dissolve.  It simply sits on the surface.  I noticed an oil slick on the water the other day.  It was beautiful the way the colours glistened and moved.  Just one small tiny drop of oil can spread over a considerable area and no matter what it will not dissolve in the water.  I have been pondering the realisation that there are people out there alot more like me than I thought.  Ages ago I read a book on motivation.  It says to find your own tribe; others like you.  I have been feeling a little like the ugly ducking for a while now- not fitting into my environment - being laughed at by the other ducks.  Currently I am on my journey to find others of my kind.  Like the tiny drop of oil I am spreading out seeking the edges of the other shiny sparkly drops.  We are not water but together we shine.

So today embrace your tribe or set off to find your true one.  Out there somewhere there are more like you.

Happy Thursday.

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