Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Go on, be a softie. Feel your heart start to thaw.

I have been using twitter to connect with my emotions and today I found this.  My heart is starting to thaw.  I made a number of emotional connections last week and am starting to realise that the very very strange feeling I have is like a thaw.  I cannot label it at all , its like a mixture of relief, sadness, regret, optimism, love,  and who knows what all rolled into one.  I feel scared, shaky and vulnerable but in a good way.  So what else does a girl do in the modern world when faced with  lack of knowledge Google it.  So google tells me it is thawing of frozen feelings.  The general response I have when in a stressful situation is to freeze.  So now I am starting to thaw.
I wonder if the thaw will be a drip drip or a total flood, only time will tell!

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