Monday, 6 August 2012

crawling back to reality

Over the last week I have just let go a little bit more than normal.  Now I feel the fear of the having to cling on tight to reality again.  Sometimes I can over think it all.  I know I can be in my head to much or in my body too much and then I wish I could find the balance, equilibrium.  When will I find it? Is it something that I have to work at or is it something that will just appear?  I have not achieved flow this last few days as i was trying to create a soft landing for going back to work but then it hit me, whose voice was i listening to mine or someone else and it was not mine.  I killed my voice again.  What was my voice saying to me before I killed it?  I think is I shall have to ask myself while I redefine reality for myself.  I would like my reality to be more fun, less anxiety and a whole heap less of jealousy and irritation.  I would like to be my authentic self - where ever she is hiding would she please show herself.

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