Sunday, 29 July 2012

puzzle me not

I puzzle over things alot, I wonder why and wish I had the answers.  It helps to talk to like minded people who can help you on life's journey.  The older and wiser types Those that do know better.  I had the revelation that yes I might have a few odd ideas and yes I am a tad weird at times, however I am not alone in that.  It is nice to meet other like minded souls and see that there is a very rich and varied world out there.  I engaged in a world record attempt at the weekend.   It was pretty awesome , I love the totally absurd things like the most combine harvesters in one field or the most people dressed as nuns or smurfs kinda bizarre buts its all in a days fun.  Fun can mean anything and it can be sadly lacking in our lives.  I think I am currently mostly exploring the confining nature of conventional society at present and wonder why I felt the need to conform to other peoples ideals which are so very at odds with mine.  My current goal is to find my freedom and live like someone left the door open.  This weekend I did for a brief few hours do just that and the lingering feeling of joy has now been replaced by the question, what stops me from living a life of joy, self expression and as always its the same answer; its me.

I have crammed more into the last few weeks than  I would normally attempt.  So I will live by my primary rule respect and now I have a second one; fun.  I shall be engaging in all manner of entertaining and fun stuff and now I know what makes me tick I can just keep on doing more of the same.  So today go off and have a laugh, so something silly and remember to play by your own rules.  You have one life so live it for yourself.  

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