Saturday, 11 August 2012

stars cant shine without darkenss

Tonights twitter therapy consisted of : cards ,expectations ,visions, shine.  The final thing that resonated with me was Stars cannot shine without darkness.  Drunken texting is bad but perhaps drunken blogging is worse.  Just in from a second night out on the trot and am still enjoying life despite being back at work.  No entirely drunk of course but more than a little tipsey.  I am such an adorable drunk, I love everyone and just want to tell them all how wonderful they are but in fact tonight was just lovely.  I have been trying to get away from my default of oh no I cant do that its not for me type of conditioning.  I am learning to relax and make small talk when I go out.  I am learning to no longer be defined by my roles and my career to be more than the sum of my parts.  I had forgotten what it was like to be able to feel part of the world, what it was like just to go out have fun, meet people and feel that I was good enough as I am.  But tonight I realised that I could be comfortable to be myself and not to worry too much about the expectations of others.  Music, art and generally frivolity without any pressure to be anyone other than me is just so wonderful and yes world I love you all.

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