Tuesday, 24 July 2012

lessons from my dog; be true to your nature

I am currently reading cesar millans book on being a good pack leader.  MJ is pure breed boxer.  She was found my ED and we have her for quite a few months now.  She is fundamentally a wonderful creature and having her in my life was a real turning point.  His point so far is about keeping things in balance, allowing the dog to be a dog and to satisfy the dogs needs as an animal and a dog according to the breed.  Wow if only I could buy a book like that on being human.  Currently MJ is playing with a tennis ball as if it was the most interesting thing in the world, thus satisfying her prey drive.  Occasionally she brings to me to play with it too but she is happy just to be here with me, the pack leader, having a bit of playtime.  

I was not brought up with dogs and was in fact terrified of them.  I did not understand them at all until I met my X his dog was fairly cross and I eventually learned to master the dog.  MJ is totally different, she has a fundamentally sweet nature and is about 1% as intelligent as the old dog.  Still we are getting there with her.  

As always somewhere in this drivel is a point. The point is that we need to be true to ourselves and our nature.  I did quite a few personality tests to see if I could decipher who I was and discovered that I was the INFJ type, turns out I was trying to live against my basic personality type for years, same as if my prey driven hunter dog who needs hours of exercise was tied up in a small back garden all day long.  

I am glad my mind shut down and made me realise that we need to live as our true nature dictates in order for us to live happy and fulfilling lives.  Although I dont have a career deemed suitable for my personality type I have many outside interests in my life that are.  
 If I were a dog I think I would be Labrador although in my mind I am an afghan hound.
So as always be yourself 'cos if you cant be yourself who can you be!


  1. Love this post! I also love the Dog Whisperer. And the pack mentality always fascinates me! I love watching it at work. We have two dogs. One is a puppy (a Golden Retriever)...well, he's now two. But he came into our home when our other dog (a small terrier type) was a mature dog. Being that the puppy is the larger critter, it's been interesting to watch the little one raise him and put him in his place...as needed.

    1. thanks anntette, we could all learn alot from them, MJ is now chasing a potato around the house as I type this, even poking it to see if it will run , lol hard to be miserable with a creature like that around