Monday, 30 April 2012

April scavenger photo hunt

Again thanks to Kathy for hosting the hunt.  I was not able to take photos for a few months as I did not feel up to it.  Sorry to hear you are dealing with sadness in your life Kathy.  You hunt has inspired me to keep going.  You are marvelous to host it despite your own stuff going on. Thanks again.

Amazing : I spotted this name carved into the tree
and thought that it was just amazing, so much effort to get it just so
and the tree does not seem to mind one bit.

Cant live without:
Lying on my sun-lounger,
wrapped in my favourite blanket
looking up at clear blue skies. 

Direction : you are here, map in Glenshalane woods


Indulgence: I struggled with this category until I found this photo
while indulging in junk food at our local junk food outlet,
 my daughter spotted these ducks on their daily visit to said restaurant,
 I think they like to eat the leftover burger buns! 

Eldest Daughter likes to dye her hair lots of different colours,
so far its been green , blue, pink, blond, black, various combinations of all of the above,
 I loved it blue the most I plan to dye mine blue when I retire :-)

On the Move,
we were bringing a tree to my brother for his birthday,
 the boot was full of luggage,
so it had to share the front seat with eldest daughter.
This is her trying to get out of the car.  

Lovely fossily Rock from the Burren 

Some of the lovely fossils in the rock


Spring , Glenshelane Woods Cappoquinn

Sticky : big boy bacon foot long hot dog ,
Eddie Rockets american style diner

Not quite a tangle but not far off it.
some amount of tangle occurred
to create my favourite blanket.


  1. The best smile with a wide open mouth - I'm voting for you.

  2. Your daughter's hair is a s great colour. I am longing to see some lovely blue sky like yours!
    Lisa x

  3. The smile photo is just wonderful!

  4. I enjoyed your selection of photos especially the indulgence and the in and out.

  5. Great photos! Amazing, tangle and spring are my favourites.

  6. Lovely smile photo and I love the light in the ripples in your out picture - well done for getting all 12! :-)

  7. I love the in and out! I just imagined it with sound-effects, it's such an action shot! PLOP! The one of your daughter laughing whilst lying down is great!!

  8. So many great photo, I like the in and out photos the best.

  9. thanks for all your lovely comments , just happy to have found my camera charger and to be able to get out and enjoy taking photos, noticing the world around us and connecting with nature is one of the many things that helps us all stay well :-)

  10. Great photos. I like the in/out as well as sticky.

  11. thanks i think the dog liked her in/out too

  12. Beautiful Spring photo and I am right there with you on the bright hair colours when I retire - going to chop it all off and dye it purple!

  13. thanks maybe we just do it now and not wait until retirement

  14. Nice photos, I really like your Spring one.