Wednesday, 11 April 2012

carry no monkey food

Years ago I read "The One minute manager meets the monkey".  It describes the problems others being to you as monkeys.  If you take a problem from someone,then you take their money, you end up looking after it and feeding it.  I made a list of things to remember to do when I went back to work and one of them was to carry no money food.  I have been doing a bit clear out and I found the list.  I left work before Easter laden down with monkeys and promising to buy monkey food for them.  Hopefully many of the monkeys will have returned to their owners by the time I return next week.  So no more feeding the monkeys for me.

We all take on other peoples stuff.  I know I do.  Clearing out the house getting ready to move is reminding me of all the things I kept both physically and emotionally that I really should have given back or not taken in the first place.  The getting ready to move clear-out might be a bit premature as the offer I made on the house has not been accepted yet nor have I been approved for a mortgage, but it is a good incentive to do a major clear-out.

Sometimes we need to make space in our lives for new things to come to us.  I am making space mentally and physically as I let go of possessions and long held beliefs.

So bye bye old stuff I welcome the new.  Time to set those monkeys free.
So taday ask yourself:  What stuff are you holding onto that it is time to let go of?

Happy Wednesday. 

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