Friday, 20 April 2012

dont believe everything you think

A friend on on facebook posted: dont believe everything you think and finally I was inspired to feel free again.  My mood has been tottering a little recently.  I have been having a hard time in keeping up with it all.  This week I decided to cut myself enormous amounts of slack.  I decided that if I still felt overwhelmed with the work life balance I would cut back substantially on my working hours.  I freed myself for the constraints I had been feeling and lo and behold I was free again.  I follow the recovery method.  It is a very simple old fashioned method.  The fundamental basis is to manage our nervous symptoms and our responses.   Sometimes I let my imagination run away with me and cause no end of trouble for myself, all in my head, all not real at all.  It causes me just as much stress as if it were real.

So the lesson today is dont believe everything you think as it really might not be true.  Free yourself to deal only in the moment and be present.

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