Friday, 27 April 2012

just one thing - take action

My mottos of TAKE ACTION is the one thing I am working on at present.  When I feel overwhelmed I find doing just one thing, anything at all, helps me to snap out of it and take action.

One thing leads to another and procrastination leads to guilt and anxiety for me.  So when I am stuck I do just one thing and I do it conciously.  If I need to sit I do that, if I need to rest I do that.  If I need to take action I do that, well most of the time.

So today what is the just one thing you want to do or need to do to make life easy for yourself and feel well and happy.  For me it is do my filing and prepare my monthly plan for May.  So I am off to TAKE ACTION and do just that, well maybe I will have a nice sit down and a cup of tea first.

Thanks crunchie its Friday.

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