Sunday, 31 July 2011

july scavanger hunt

Finally got a few minutes to upload these and nearly forgot tomorrow is 1st of August, Lunasagh.

Decided to engage in a photo scavanger hunt and put up the images as I found them or as it revealed itself to me. 


  • a flag
  • a kite
  • celebration
  • fields
  • flip flops
  • ice cream
  • red, white and blue
  • seashells
  • something that makes you happy (not a person or an animal!)
  • stars
  • strawberries
  • stripes

Colombian Flag at the Tall Ships event Waterford 

Beautiful pair of chinease kites just assembled
and awaiting their inaugral flight,
carfully transported from China by my brother
almost too baeutiful to allow crash to earth

Birthday celebrations , Dunbrody festival with Jedward

  • Fields: The view from the other side of The Vee
Cheating a bit here, strawberries and ice-cream together,
yummy and yes I did eat the narstusim;
flavours of my childhood

Flipflops; the joys of summer living near the beach

Red, White and Blue, (mostly)
part of my many works in progress,
my memory blanket

Seashells not at the sea shore

Something that makes me happy:
Days out with the children
and shadow hugs

Somewhere up there,
near the full moon,
behind the bubbles,
 hide the stars

  • Love the stripes,
    but just look at the expression on the glass cats face,
    such envy !


  1. I have enjoyed your photos and hope you will join in next month too! I took photos of some similar chinese kites, amongst other 'fancy' kites, but in the end just used a simple shop window photo!

  2. Great photos, I love the flag and the stripes!

  3. Ooooooo-eeeeee, those kites are phenomenal! Great photos, but my fave is the kites. Annette

  4. thanks for your kind comments, the stripes i found by accident yesterday and I hope to get out to fly the kites before the summer ends. this photo hunt was great fun and free fun too , the best kind :-)

  5. Your kites are great, and I like the strips too. Love the cat's expression!
    Thanks for joining in.

  6. Just found you via Postcards from the PP... you have some great photos here, love the flag and the shadow hugs - very special :-)

  7. Really enjoyed your photos - yes the kites are treasures! Love the shadow hugs too.