Tuesday, 12 July 2011

fields of bravery

view from the vee
I took a different road to collect my daughter from her friends house yesterday.  We ended up passing a place I had not been since I was her age.  Last time I was there it was raining and we were all crammed into my dads van eating egg sandwiches and drinking tea out of a flask on a family day out.  Amazingly the view has almost not changed.  I would never have driven the road had people not convinced me that there was now a barrier all along the area where there used to be a sheer drop.  THEY LIED.  But happily I managed to drive (at around 20mph) along the bit with no barrier and no wall.  The views were really amazing and it is listed as a place to visit on a nice day out with a picnic, minus egg sandwiches, with plenty of insect repellent. 

We passed the bottomless lake, site of the alleged drowning local witch who allegedly faked her own drowning and escaped to England,  It looked so green and luscious I almost turned the car around and brave the migies to go for a swim in it , but it is apparently way way way too cold to swim in so perhaps another time .  It is important to overcome our preconceived notions of what we can do, and push our boundaries to experience more of what the world has to offer.  Be brave and ignore that little voice that tells you that you cant do it because you know what - you can.

Happy Tuesday.  

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