Tuesday, 19 June 2012

lions and tigers and bears

Outside my comfort zone I thought that it would be a scary place.  Today I went so far outside it and found that it was not.  There were no lions and tigers and bears.  I am a great believer in trying everything you can to overcome a problem and researched motivation quite a bit to see why I lacked it.  Fear is one of the many obstacles  to success.  I read a book which likened it to the scene in the wizard of oz where they go through the forest singing lions and tiers and bears oh my.

We create the fear in our own minds and stay in our comfort zone just to feel safe.  Feeling safe does not mean we are safe and it also means that we can stay stuck and unhappy.  I organised an event to promote happiness and today it was held.  I must admit that it was so far outside my comfort zone that it scared me to do it.  Being nervous while doing something is quite a lot different to being scared of the imaginary things that we create in our heads.  How many times have you dreaded something or imagined the outcome only to find out it simply did not turn out the way you imagined. I read a wonderful saying recently:
Dont believe everything you think. 

and it is so true.  We can convince ourselves that our fears are really justified and this keeps us from acting and doing the things that will make us happier and more fulfilled.  I know I did that for a long time.  I looked at other people with envy and thought well its ok for them they are clever or they are more confident or even thats just not for the likes of me.  As always my limiting beliefs held me back.  I realised  that the difference between me and people who do things is simply that ; they do things.  I can have fun too if I allow myself to.  I can have money too if I allow myself to, I can be happy too if I allow myself to.  I keep forgetting to give myself the permission to do all the things I want to.  I almost fell back to my bad old ways again during the last few weeks of stress.  I am so glad I took the action for happiness pledge last year 

I will try to create more happiness and less unhappiness in the world around me.  

It is simple, almost simplistic but it is one of the myriad of things that put me back in touch with the pleasure of being alive.

So today remember that 50% of your happiness is genetic, 10% of your happiness is down to your circumstances and you create the remaining 40% yourself.  What are you going to do for yourself today to give yourself that whole 40% ????? Me I am going to make friends with my lions and tigers and bears, maybe they are not as sacry as I thought.  

Happy Tuesday 

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