Saturday, 23 June 2012

beware the hippos of discontent

Sometimes I have really shitty days.  The days when people are unkind, the days when my teenage daughter makes me responsible for her feelings, the days when the dog just wont stop barking.  Those are the days when I just want to run away.   The days when I get home from work and just want someone else to take the responsibility.  Sometimes it gets wearing for me to have to shoulder all the burden of child rearing. 

So now I just need to remind myself to put down the burden and ask myself why I took it up again.  I am forgetting to enjoy life and focusing on the bad not the good.  Well done me for remembering not to carry that bag of other peoples expectations and issues.  I am off out today to enjoy my life and if other people want to wallow in their misery let them.  I just need to remember to run away before they grab me and drag me down to their level of misery.  

So today stay away from those hippos and remember even if they wallow you dont have to .


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