Monday, 25 June 2012

demented mammy seeks escape route

When I  am feeling a bit stuck I look at Glassers needs.  If I cannot name one of them then thats the one I am not meeting at that time.  Power, fun, and  love I remembered but I had to give in a google it today after trying to recall the other one.  Freedom is the fourth , after our basic needs for survival are met it is those 4 that we need.

I often refer to escaping from my job or my children.  I like to go off for a few days and just get away from it all.  This weekend I did that. I had a whole day off.  A full 24 hours where I only had to please myself.  It was very liberating.  I was free for a little while.  I think my episode was my escape route to freedom.  At the start I always felt like I was at the bottom of a well and all I could see was grey and black;black walls grey sky gradually as I climbed out I could see green grass and blue skies.  I think I need to work on way of dealing with my responsibilities and not feeling the need to dig an escape route.  Maybe I could realise that I am not trapped I am free to do as I please at any  stage it is only me that is standing in my own way.  Maybe instead of digging that tunnel I could just open the door and walk out.

So today think about how you trap yourself and fail to give yourself permission to just be free.  

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