Tuesday, 29 May 2012

its never too late to live your dreams

As a teenager I had a vision of my life.  I would be living on an island in the Mediterranean , have a handsome boyfriend, a few goats, a few children; all girls and be an artist of crafts person of some kind.   Some of my vision came true I live near the sea, have children and some animals but not goats, I crochet like a maniac but don't make my living from arts or crafts.  On a fine day I could well be on a Mediterranean island as it is just so beautiful here.

My lovely dog at the beach down the road.  

The cove, 10 minutes walk away

Today I realised that it is only when we loose sight of our visions, when we put aside our dreams that the fun and colour drain out of life.  Today I got a new bike.  My first working bike in 17 years.  I sat on it trying to get my balance and it is not as easy as riding a bike i can tell you. Io am petrified about going out in traffic.  As I sat in the garden on the bike I remembered another one of my dreams wen I was 18, to cycle around the Camargue.  I am blessed that I am still reasonably fit for my age although very overweight.  I can still realise my dream before it gets too late and I am longer physically able.

So I will continue to dream, about cycling past white horses on a misty morning, about having my own exhibition (a dream I gave up at the same time I gave up cycling).  I will continue to dream that one day I will meet someone lovely and get married again.  that  I will win the lottery. I dream of my cottage by the beach, or my children being happy, of their father being a dream father.  some dreams might become reality , some not.  

Right now its bed time so I am off to dream my sweet dreams of cycling past white horses on a misty morning in the Camargue. 

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