Thursday, 24 May 2012

bubbles, bats and birthdays

Although it is past midnight I still consider it my birthday.  It was a lovely day here, sun shining, perfect Irish Summers day.  I came home to a lovely clean kitchen, a cake in the oven, a bunch of night scented stock, happy children and a very bouncy dog.  We went into the garden to blow bubbles, less obsessed now but still love watching them float into the sky.  the dog loves to catch them , great fun.  I walked the dog down the track an saw the baby bats taking flight, maybe their first flights.

Sitting here now writing up an action plan for a committee I recently joined.  Listening to dire sites drinking Ritz and eating chocolate.  Does life get any better at 45.  Totally contented today.

Happy memories of drinking in the park going to a party and listening to this album the first time out. Lovely happy summer memories. We all need them to keep going through the dark days of winter and the dark nights of the soul.

Happy unbirthday to you all.

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