Wednesday, 23 May 2012

sometimes things just are, are they?

I have begun to wonder if there really is a reason for everything and an explanation for most things.  I got a migraine and it wound not leave me.  My counseller said it was from working too hard.  Wish she would say that to my boss, lol.  Anyway I took to my bed in true ladylike style I had a it of the vapours.  I tried to keep going but had to give in a lye down and take migralief.  my doctor says you can get then from dehydration and over exertion.  he gave the example of drink lots of beer after playing squash, lol he is actually a great doctor despite this.  I was wondering if there really needs to be a reason for everything.  I think it was spending too much time in a stuffy office with flickering florescent lights myself that caused it.  Does it matter what causes things , why they happen, sometime why cant things just be.  Or perhaps do we really need to know why everything is as it is.  I decided to adopt that attitude and am now up writing rubbish at 3.40am after working all night.  I enjoying my start to being 45.  I like using my brain when it is not about to explode.  Maybe its just that I cannot process my thoughts properly when surrounded by noise and my brain needed some quite.  I even got earplugs , oh the job of quite .

A very happy birthday to me and a very merry unbirthday to you.

So today just when you stop to wonder just stop wondering and give your poor old brain a rest.  

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