Monday, 18 March 2013

Moment by moment

The saying one day at a time is such a good one but sometimes a day is far too much to bear. Then it becomes moment by moment. That is true mindfulness. A kind friend gave me a book on flow and when I feel more settled I will read it. Flow is the ultimate experience and the pleasure that is possible in flow is wonderful. Being entirely absorbed by something is so relaxing. I find it when I swim, crochet, draw or sometimes when I am working on something complicated. I shared my current tools with a very stressed friend today. I wondered if it was time to close my blog, and the universe gave a resounding no. Thinking in ink will keep me well even if I only write once a year. My journey is just that and as they say it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive . So today enjoy your journey and remember you are in the driving seat. 

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