Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Do more feel better do better

That motto is written on a sign on the way into town. It is a statement by one of the pharmaceutical plants that is a major employer in the town. I love to read it as I drive past. The last few weeks have been challenging, at home, at work and on a personal level. I am reflecting on my progress and was reading back over some posts from before I was fully better. I can see the fragility in them but also the hope and love for myself. This years motto is pace myself. Learn to take small steps forward so that I can make a great leap when I need to. My daughter was confirmed at the weekend and unusually for me I was on time, relaxed and organised. I put in a great effort to getting ready and started the preparations months ago. I was concerned that my family would treat me like the old Jane or in fact silly old Jane like they used to. But I worried needlessly everyone was relaxed and enjoyed it. Everything was as good as it gets. The lesson of pacing myself , allowing plenty if time, accepting help and just doing my best paid off. It reminded me of how much I like to work hard but now I also know how to relax. I am reaching a point where I choose what I devote my energy to. Yes I can do many things but I choose to limit what I take on. I have finally let go of the belief that I must use all my talents at all times. Learning to listen to the advice if others, learning to accept help, learning to ask for help from people who can and are able to help is the best thing about being well. I love the way I can think clearly, I love the way I can love unconditionally ( except for the dog when she barks in my ear) I love the way I feel , I feel like I matter. Feeling that I matter is the best part of being well. It was a painful lesson to learn. If I don't show others that I matter they will think that I don't and then treat me as if I don't. So today show the world that you matter and step out into a world of possibilities.
Happy Wednesday 

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